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:: A guide to Venice

An important element of any trip to Venice is the food. As in other parts of Italy, Venice has a characteristic and very special cuisine. It is based on fish. But not only. In Venice in the many restaurants you can taste typical dishes such as "bigoli in salsa", a special type of spaghetti with a sauce made of sardines and onion, or the "sardee in saor", fried sardines left to soak for a few days in lightly fried onion sauce. You can eat many kinds of fish in the various restaurants, cooked in different ways, from the most traditional to the most imaginative, along with nouvelle cousine recipes. But Venice, with its vegetable gardens spread on the many islands of the lagoon, is known also for its fruit and vegetable delicacies: artichokes, tomatoes and all kinds of vegetables, all with a special aroma given by the saltiness of the soil they are grown in.

In Venice it’s not just what you eat that matters, but also where you eat. As well as restaurants, the city is full of bars and taverns that prepare the famous “cicchetti”, tasty delicacies, small enough to be eaten nearly all in one bite, made of meat, fish and vegetables to be accompanied by a good glass of wine. Going round the bars in Venice, where you can never resist the temptation to taste a sandwich or a meatball, fried vegetables or toasted bread with stockfish in each different place, is an absolute must. We heartily advise you to do so, because as well as being a good way to eat cheerfully it is also a good occasion for socialising with the locals, who are friendly and always ready to have a chat with the many tourists they meet every day.

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