In accordance with article 13 of Legislative Decree 196/2003 (law related to the protection of personal data) the data controller hereby informs you that:

a) processing of your personal data shall be carried out for:

contractual obligations: to supply goods and services to guests;
legal obligations: invoicing, obligatory books of accounts and entries, communications to requesting authorities;
communications to banks and similar institutions, for collection of credits and other activities related to contractual obligations;
offer of services during your stay (secretarial service, delivery of correspondence, reservation of external services) or subsequent to your stay (communication of special offers, events or similar). The processing shall be effected with manual and/or automatic systems used to memorize, manage and transmit the data, with logic strictly related to the purposes, based on the data in our possession and with your agreement to immediately communicate any corrections, additions and updates.
b) your refusal to provide authorization for the points 1,2 and 3 of paragraph a) shall result in:

the impossibility to start or continue the transaction, or to effect some operations, if the data are required for effecting the transaction or operation;
the impossibility to effect some operations which require the communication of the data to subjects which are functionally related to effecting such operations;
the failure to communicate the data to subjects which carry out other activities, not functionally related to effecting the transaction.
c) in addition to the person assigned within the data controller company, your data may be communicated to:

hotel facilities where you will be a guest;
tax consultant (for administrative purposes);
public and private agencies, also following inspections or audits;
subjects which can access your data based on the laws;
outside companies which supply goods and services.
d) you can exercise your rights with regards to the data controller at any time, in accordance with article 7 of Legislative Decree 196/2003